TStv Frequently Ask Questions Regarding Your Favorite Sport Channels

I know you all have a lot of questions about TStv and you are codedly waiting for 1st of November 2017 to see and experience what TStv Africa have you in Nigeria. Here are FAQs that will help you answer most of the questions regarding TStv data, subscription, video calling, sports, movies and lot more…


Frequently Ask Question About TSTV

>> If I finish my data before the subscription period, can I buy another data? and secondly what if one finished the subscription, would I still be able to use the data?

Ans: If you exhaust the data before the subscription period, then you can buy extra data. if the subscription finishes before the data, the data Would not be removed.

>> I heard that Bein owner has disagree with Tstv, how true is that?

Ans: Disregard rumours. Be rest assured with TStv, all sports exciting moments are covered

>>How exactly will the Video Conferencing option be enjoyed? Will the video calls be viewed from my TV screen?

Ans: YES

>>Are you going to show EPL and la liga?

Ans: Yes and lot more

>>Where can we get the decoder?

Ans: Check here for the location closest to you

>>TStv, do you guys have africa magic on your decoder?

Ans: TStv has enough movies channels that are better than all ever seen

>>TStv, I hope you will have channels for action movies(2017)

Ans: Yes


>>When Can we have access to the decoder?

Ans: 1st of Nov 2017

>>Can we rent movies in box office on your pvr decoder?

Ans: TStv has movies on demand?

>>How much is the prize of TStv with the decoder

Ans: N5000


>>TStv what is your Frequency?

Ans: Satellite: ABS 3A

Position: 3 degree west

Frequency: 11052

Symbol rate: 30000

Polarization: H

Dish size: 90 cm

>>Any premiership action ?

Ans: Yes and lot more

Any more questions?


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