Recad Media – HOT! How I Make My Cool Cash Daily as a Student (Registration & Login)

Have you heard of 

What’s it all about? Is it another ponzi scheme out there?

Recad media

If na Ponzi, me sef don tire… You stop loosing money the day you stop Ponzi.

Hmmm… So what’s this Recad Media if its not a Ponzi scheme then?

Glad you asked..

Recad Media is not a Ponzi scheme nor a networking scheme where you will be forced to bring people to earn.

It is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing.

Recad Media Inc is the first company in Nigeria to promote Advertisers content by sharing its revenue with her members thereby creating an effective means of maximizing the use of “Social Media” as a digital marketing agency.

Lol… Make I explain the way you go understand…

Advertisers like Jumia, Konga and other interested top brands will come to Recad Media to advertise their product,

The content or product would be sent to the registered members account to share on social media… When you share the content and the system sees you have done that, you would be credited with N400…. Cool isn’t it?

How do I become a registered member?

Due to the fact that Recad Media means business and not ready for child’s play,

You are mandated to pay a sum of N3,000 before you can proceed with the registration..

N3000?… I have to pay to join?

Yes you have to pay to prove your seriousness, we know ourselves and we know we don’t take a free thing serious.

People will create multiple account, but when you pay N3000 for one account you will think twice before thinking of creating multiple account, that solves the issue of multiple account.

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Apart from the normal money you earn sharing content, you earn N1000 from anybody that registers with your referral link…

If 50 people registers with your referral link, you get N50000 instantly which you can withdraw with your earnings.

Errrm!… How do they make the money to pay us?

Very transparent, companies that want their products or content to reach large audience will pay Recad Media and the money will be shared to the registered members that shared the content,

You see where the money is coming from and how it’s been utilized right?

What are you waiting for?

Register and make more money when you bring your friends, family and relations to the platform

Recad Media Registration

There are two payment methods on the registration page…

1st method –> If you have a working ATM card, you can make payment with your ATM, on the registration page, fill the form with your correct details and proceed with payment with your ATM card

2nd method –> if you don’t have a working ATM card, on the registration form, you will see the details of those that sells vouchers for registration, call one of them and they will tell you howto make payment to them and get your voucher code to register.

click the link below to go to the registration page.

Click Here to Register

Please kindly note that registration attracts a fee of N3000 only, this is in a bit to reduce the rate of users opening multiple accounts. Also note that, Recad Media has a 5days refund policy starting from the date your account is registered should incase for any reason you decide to opt out, you registration fee is refunded back to you.

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We noticed many are finding it hard to register or finding it very hard to make payment.

We can do the registration for you, chat us on whatsapp with your details, we buy the coupon for you and register you at no extra cost, just your N3000 and that’s all.

WhatsApp Number ==> 08029535017   (Please contact for registration purpose only)

Try as much as possible to always login to your account everyday, as sponsored posts that would always be available. You get paid N400 per each post shared on your Facebook account.


Recad Media pays N1000 per each user referred to the platform, this is only an incentive, and is absolutely not compulsory.

Click here to register

So if properly utilized, a member of Recad Media would be making no less than N2000 daily from the platform.

Gat Questions?… Ask using the comment box.


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