Nigerian Woman Narrates How She Discovered Her Gate-man Of 10 Years Died In Cotonou 20 Years Ago

A photo of the Nigerian woman who shared the story on Twitter
A Nigerian brand specialist with the Twitter handle, @LatwinsKoncepts has shared a terrifying story of how she found out that her gatemen who has been with her for 10 years reportedly died in Cotonou 20 years ago.
The woman found out after she arrived Cotonou to tell his family members that he has been seriously ill for 3 days. That was when the family told her about the shocking story.
Here’s her story below:
My security man had been with me since 2007, was ill 3 days ago, we went 2 go tell his member @ Cotonou only to find out he died 20yrs ago. When we got their dey didn’t mention anything, we got back to Nigeria, he slept and didn’t wake again only to go back to Cotonou 2 tell them.

That’s he’s dead, and dey responded dey knew he was gonna die cz he died at Cotonou 20yrs ago. Looks like am seeing Africa Magic. Lol No! Funny at times he sleeps and I had to open gate myself. Now I will start believing some stuffs from Africa Magic, I just witnessed one

Dey didn’t mention anything, only bought gin pour it on a grave and wen we went back that he’s dead, dey said dey he died 20yrs ago. We buried him here in Nigeria as dey said dey can’t burry him twice in their city.

He wasn’t sick. Normally, most of us employ these people with guarantor. He got a guarantor. From the guarantor, he accommodated him as dey use to drink gin and farm together. Dey became friends.

Yes he did ! Asked abt few pple 4m those we saw & dey told him dey all dead. Was afterwards dey told us those he asked for were his parents. I am a living witness dear #stayed together for 10 solid years.


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