My mind is tinted by vagueness surrendering its will

but a vivid sensual orchestra of gentle moaning music

Your crispy black body entangles mine,

letting the sweet excitement therein linger on

On top the roof, the hemisphere of our lovemaking,

and onto the pinnacle of this intoxicating sin

We dance in the maelstrom of sex, swirling deep into the unds of this tornado

Flickers erupting in your impish eyes and lust settling in mine

We dance on, in hunger and in yearning, captivated by warmth,

of your fleshy heaven, drowning somewhat in it

Your lips nudges mine, a queer feeling of ecstasy builds

Entangled, we thirst for it, yearn for it- that special heaven

Our souls drift off from here; this green room, the atrocities of the world,

your lingerie, your shame and in this very desire we burn in

We disintegrate in it, until nothing of this world bothers us,

until our eyes seek to dazel, until our veins bulge

Draining of sweat, you whimper, pressing your hands against me,

we ride on, unquenched our desires burn

Your eyes lock mine, in the hysteria of our lukewarm voices

From the cradle of our affection, we pace up

You pace up, quiver in your bones, you turn on your waterworks,

digging your nails into the very fiber of my flesh

We motion in sweat, in blood, in fury, in love

We ignite on until the waterfalls of our love nears

And as our souls are consummated, like fire accompanies volcanoes,

we both erupt a distinctive sensation of milk and honey and smiles from beaming faces


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