Don’t Say Jesus – Part 2 (18+)

ImageCredit: The Grey Scale Gallery

ImageCredit: The Grey Scale Gallery

Excerpt From Part 1:  After sucking for me for what seemed like forever, I felt my pleasure increase and I began to moan softly. I knew I was about to burst and as I felt the first spurt of cum jet out of my cock even as my legs buckled but she her hands held on tight to keep me from falling. Just then, the sound of a knock came on the door and Brother Tunde’s voice came booming…

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She looked at me as if she was going to faint before she quickly composed herself and whispered, “quick, go into the bathroom and don’t come out till after about ten minutes. I will tell daddy that you are in the toilet.” As she talked, she had already pulled her discarded wrapper around herself and pushed me gently towards the direction of the bathroom. She then tiptoed back into the room and as I opened the bathroom door, I heard another loud knock come on the door.

“Blessing oh!” Brother Tunde’s voice came, this time his voice sounding a bit more impatient even while I forced myself to sit down on the toilet seat with my heart beating in my chest furiously.

“Yes daddy, I am coming,” there was a lazy inflection in her voice as she made a good show of banging the bedroom door before going to open the door. “I was sleeping before, welcome sir.”

“You and this your bad habit of sleeping. Hasn’t Kunle come yet?”

“Kunle,” I heard confusion in her voice and my heart beat even louder, “I left him here before going inside. I don’t know, maybe he is in the toilet or something.” I caught on with her lie immediately and shouted.

“Sir, I am here, I am using the toilet, I would be out in a minute.”

“Okay, please be fast, we are already behind schedule as it is.” I splashed water on my face so that Brother Tunde wouldn’t have to wonder why I was sweating and then proceeded to flush the toilet like someone who had just used it and went out. Blessing’s quick planning had somehow helped me to manage my own nervousness and I tried not to let any form of jitter show as I greeted him. She had obviously gone back into her room again as she was nowhere in sight which was good for me because I didn’t trust myself not to have a guilty expression on my face at having to see her but I felt different.  I had just come close to having sex with her and the feeling of her mouth on her my dick somehow translated into releasing my voice because I found my voice again and Brother Tunde commended me about how all I needed was just a little prodding to have gotten myself back into form. If only he knew that it wasn’t his teaching that had helped me but his daughter’s magic.

Having tasted a bit of what it seemed like now to have a woman’s mouth on my dick, I knew that I wanted more. I wanted to explore her body and feel that mounting excitement, I wanted to know what it would feel like if I got the chance to stick my dick into her. Would it taste the same way? Would it feel better? Thoughts of her flat stomach, her mounds of breasts and the areole, the nipples that I had sucked on and felt like I was being weaned kept my finding their way into my mind and soon I felt like was going to go crazy if I didn’t find out the answers to these questions. I needed to know what it felt like to actually sleep with a woman and Aunty Blessing was my only option. I needed to see her again and I needed her to take me through the process since she had decided to rob me of my innocence, she might as well be the one to take away my virginity. Not that there was any other female that I knew that I could have gone to for sex, I was just that much of a greenhorn and it was with pleasure when about three weeks after the incident, she walked up to me after church and said her father was going on some sort of evangelical mission with some other selected members of the church for three days and if I could come keep her company the next day.

I didn’t need to be told what she was insinuating and I readily accepted knowing that this time around, I wasn’t going to be content with just her mouth on my dick. I wanted the full package, to put my dick into that wet place between her legs and have their lips close around my dick as they suck me inside, welcoming into their fold but at the same time I was nervous. Was I going to be able to do this? What if she didn’t like the way I did it? What if I didn’t even know how to do it? Well it was not like I knew how to do it the first time around when she had seduced me. I found my heart accelerating as I knocked on their door, this time it wasn’t from fear that her father was going to walk in on us, it was from the anticipation of what was to come. I was like a little kid that was unwrapping a Christmas present and knew that whatever it was, it was going to be something to love.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that was in anticipation, she locked the door behind her and pulled me to her, crushing my lips to hers. She smelt of talcum powder and another scent that I couldn’t place my hand on and maybe it was that other smell that left me giddy because I found myself rubbing my hands over her body as she unbuttoned my shirt with haste all the while playing tongue games with my mouth. As she unbuttoned, I explored her body underneath the wrapper she had tied around her and found myself unknotting it so that it dropped to her feet and I saw she was wearing nothing underneath. She had apparently been waiting for me and my hands involuntarily went to her breasts. They felt so familiar and yet so strange in their softness as I squeezed and she pushed me back, a look of pain on her face.

“Not so hard,”

“Sorry,” I muttered realizing that I had squeezed too hard in my haste and caused her pain. She went for my trousers next and with those deft fingers had me out of my trouser without another word. We were still in the living room as she seemed like she couldn’t be bothered about making a move towards the bedroom and went down on her knees. Her velvety soft mouth enclosed my hard on and I closed my eyes as the breath seemed to have been knocked out of me. This was paradise and the pastors that said we should wait until marriage before sex didn’t know what they were saying. Her head bobbed up and down on my dick in quick movements, it was like she was in a hurry unlike the last time when she had been bent on torturing me with teasing. If only I was experienced enough to know that these were simply signs of a girl in heat. She alternated between sucking me whole and taking in parts even as we stood right where we were, by the door. My own head thrown back with my mouth slightly opened as I allowed the sensation to course through my body. I suddenly understood why Papa Emeka had twelve children despite his being poor, who could resist this kind of pleasure from the fear of getting his wife pregnant.

The thought of pregnancy snapped me out of my sweet delirium and I choked out,

“I didn’t bring condoms,” her mouth action on my dick stopped and she looked up at me and smiled.

“I am always prepared, don’t worry I am on pills and I should have some in my bag somewhere so don’t worry about getting me pregnant, I am not stupid.” With that she took my hand like a child and led me to the chair.

“Lie down,” she commanded in a voice made thick with desire and then she went back on my dick and began sucking again. This was paradise on earth and my treacherous mind went to the thoughts that heaven couldn’t be any better than this.  She had been sucking for another six minutes when I felt that familiar storm building again and began to thrust into her mouth and she noticed my action and increased her own sucking.

“I want to fuck you,” I found myself saying even as I thrust into her mouth unable to control my passion and knowing that any moment from now I was going to be climaxing. She made a noise on my dick and response without stopping her sucking which this time was taking the entire length of my dick in my mouth so that I actually felt the cap of my dick touching the back of her throat. Nothing had ever felt so good as this and when the first rope of cum jetted out of my dick, she quickly removed her mouth and took my dick in her hand, placing it above her mouth so my cum was splattering all over her face and I bit down on my lips so that I wouldn’t shout the Jesus that had come to my lips again.

When my dick was done releasing all of it juices, she looked at me with her cum splattered face and said,

“We are still going to fuck, that was preparatory class. You are a virgin, don’t want you to cum the minute you enter. Now get that dick up as soon as you can so we can proceed to nursery school.” Jesus, I was in for a long haul and I couldn’t be any happier.


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