I went back to join her where she laid on the
relaxed, I was already sensing she would spend
the night so I didn’t want to be too forward by
asking cos it was getting late like around past
7.30pm and she doesn’t reside in Uturu.
I had soup, so I prepared Eba (cassava flakes),
for us to eat, after that she showered, and while
she was doing that, I finally had the feeling this
Erema would crash, meaning though tipsy she
enjoyed my Pian.
This was desame babe that cleared me
she had a bf, same babe that took over a
plus to come to my place.
I took my time then, why rush, since I had her
already, it was a ticket I would ve her again.
We ate, then she asked for the bathroom that
she wanted to shower, I quickly went to the
stream to get two buckets, then she had her
bath, climbed the bed and dosed off.
I didn’t sleep, sleep bomb!!!, me wey wan draw
oil, I wanted another round, the truth was I
know if she had her clear eyes on when we did
it, but I knew she was tipsy, I find out about the
I showered, sat on the rug at a corner of the
room and watched movies till the gen went off
night, and when it did, I joined her in the bed
couldn’t sleep, I just placed my hands around
waist, massaging back and forth hoping she
would respond, but babe was far gone, she was
faraway in dreamland, when I saw the alcohol
took a big toll on her, nobody told me to let her
be and sleep.
Early Sunday morning at about 6am, I had
up while she was still sleeping, I placed one of
my hand around her waist started massaging
back and forth again, I wanted to see if she
would allow me draw her oil with her clear
infact, I wanted to see her reaction.
I kept massage her back, down to her bare as!!
back and forth till she woke up and as she
opened her eyes, before she could say anything
had quickly rushed to give her a kiss,
“Morning Sunshine, have been watching you
since, you look so pretty when you sleep,
especially without make up, you just woke up,
look at how beautiful you look” I said
Immediately after I dropped the kiss,
Story that touches the heart and soul, room
dark pass anything, the morning light was
managing to penetrate into the room through
light curtain material, so if I hear say I dey see
her face welI, I just dey whine am make the
head swell, before she go change am for me
I made her drink alcohol to ve my way with her,
But what graced me in return was a thank you
from her, mtcheeew, no time, I started kissing
her from there, we were both Unclad, I dragged
the bedspread she used in covering her body,
exposing her unclad body,
“Just relax, don’t stress yourself ok” I said, like
the perfect gentleman that I am
I kissed her from her forehead, down to her
navel, sweetly and slowly, taking my time like I
was appreciating her body, kissing every part of
her body, while I used one of my fingers to play
with her clit as I did all that, got to her Bosom, I
kept sucking them round, making her wait for
to put my mouth on her nipp”es,
Now she was acting under her real self, there
wasn’t anything like her being tipsy again, while
kept doing that, she voiced out,
“Ken, I love the way you suck my Bosom”
Those words were like were two negative
electrical wires mistakenly bridge, it gave me a
huge electric spark in my head,
These are the kind of things I love to hear, cos
some girls, no matter howmuch they tend to
enjoy it, they won’t talk, maybe till after you
are done, or even a long time after you guys did
it and maybe one thing leads to another you
guys just get to revisit the issue, when she said
that I got inspired and continued the
while the her long n!pp!es had gotten so damn
hard like it were a dic-k.
My body had become very warm that she was
“Why is your body hot?”
Babe just dey notice, ok, highness make am no
notice when we being run package after a bottle
of wine and the made in Britain indomie
nah play she dey,
“That’s how I am especially during romance
sexxx” I replied,

I had already known were the condoms were
located cos I personally hid them, so I just
stretched one of my hand at the far corner of
the bed and then brought a cd out very fast,
the seal, rolled one on, then started with
scissors, I lashed on while I dangled with her cl!
at thesame time, as I went on, I was marvelled
at the things she was saying, this same girl
that I was doing every thing I could that she
comes to my place, this same babe that had
me clean and clear she had a bf, a serious
relationship according to her,
“I swear anytime you want to fu!!ck me just call
me, I ll come, I swear I ll come” she said
Ahhhh, I couldn’t open my mouth to show
surprise at what I was hearing cos I was busy,
but deep down inside me, I had that ‘WTF’
surprise expression written all over me, the
she talked, the more she gave me more
to handle her, the way I dragged her to the edge
of the bed when I wanted to switch position, I
could read her expression, it was a kind of
missionary style but I wasn’t on her, she was
the bed and I was down, she wanted me lie
so she climbs me, but since she was praising
way I was handling her, I wanted to be in
till the end,
“Nooo, babe relax, trust me I don’t want you to
stress yourself ok?, just allow me do the job for
you, enjoy it just enjoy it ok” I said
Lolz, you need to hear the kind of things that
falls out of my mouth when am on duty, I dey
talk rubbish ennh, but at a time e dey make
sense cos I mean them,
So she nodded in way that meant
“Guy fire on”,
After that, then I gave her my finishing move,
do!!ggy, from the back, this babe was shouting,
but her ringtone bad, e no make sense at all, I
don’t know how to describe the sound, like say
she dey eat soup wey pepper full inside, exactly
the sound you make when eating something
pepperish then with some lil ‘aah sounded
to it, but in fast manner’ even me gan I dey hold
the laff, it is after I was through I took my time
to laugh but not in front of her.
After the sexxx, she started interviewing me, I
was trying to arrange my room, she ll call me,
come first, I ll stop what am doing and walk to
meet her like the Captain of Dundi United, I ll be
” what?”
“Come, where did you learn how to fu!!ck like
this?, who taught you all these things” She
“Nah talent nah” I replied,
“You be lagos boy abi?” She asked
“Nah by Lagos boy?, just tell me say I fu!!ck
pass your boyfriend” I replied teasingly
“You are good in bed I swear, the way you suck
my b!reast, the way you handle me, I swear I
love it” she said,
I was feeling soooo fuk!!king fly, my hair just
plait where I stand,
“You don see wetin you dey miss nah, come my
house, come my house, you dey do shakara for
me since, shey you don see am now” I replied.
Finally we just laughed over the whole thing, I
don’t know about other guys but I respect
women that can be this free, no forming , no
trying to act shy, we are free to say whatever
shiiit we want. I see them as lively, such women
got their spelling on me even without them


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